Our Services

Our EAM & FI core services primarily focus on investment related solutions which encompass global custody, brokerage platform and access to investment products given that we work on an open architecture.


Accordingly, we blend in the transactional banking and leverage lending to provide a complete and comprehensive solution to your clients.

Execution Capabilities

Our force is the trade execution capabilities of the Investment & Products Services desk, enabled through various stock broking companies. They allow for real-time trade execution on the world’s largest financial marketplaces and offer direct access to the trading floor. Backed by MCB Group’s strong partnerships with leading international banks and brokers, they are empowered to trade ideas, analysis and research.

Foreign Currency Account

We offer Current, Foreign Currency and Investment accounts. Some of the currencies we deal with are: USD, GBP, EUR, AUD, AED, CHF, HKD, NOK, DKK, JPY, ZAR, RUB, SEK, SGD, amongst others.

Custody Services

Our broad expertise makes us a trusted partner for the management of your assets, securities and forex trading. Our custody services include the settlement, safekeeping and administration of securities and assets. We further provide corporate action processing, tax operational services and mutual funds rebates collection. Our network extends across 75 markets globally in Asia-Pacific, Africa, the Middle East, Europe and Americas (23 available markets in Africa).


Transfers & Payment Instructions

Transfers and payment instructions can be initiated anywhere in the world on our Internet Banking platform. Alternatively, your Relationship Manager will be delighted to provide you with assistance.


Foreign Exchange

We provide foreign currency services (spot and forward transactions).


Lombard loans

We believe that liquid assets do not have to be sacrificed for greater financial flexibility. Our customised Lombard-lending solution allows you to pledge stocks, bonds or select life insurance policies in exchange for a Lombard loan.


Secured File Transfer Protocol (SFTP)

You can securely exchange files with MCB through the Secured File Transfer Protocol (SFTP).


Our Relationship Managers would be delighted to meet you and discuss the possibilities that await you. Together, let’s take your ambitions to new heights!

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